Well now...

It is hard to tell what I am gonna do when it comes to this comic, when I started I was full of passion and every week I would be so excited to draw, but in the past year the passon seemed to have faded, just a little bit, I still love makeing this comic, but lack of ideas does make it hard, that and the redirection of my focus, I spend more and more time making internet videos, and I think it is clear that videos is my new form of online expression, instead of just websites. Now don't get me wrong, I am not quitting websites, in fact I have flirted with the idea of making a blog/video site, kind like what the Spoone One does, except that this stie just happens to include the comic... guess we will see what happens. peace!


Chibi Neko is getting lazy again! I blame the weather, in Newfoundland the WEATHER is blamed for everything! Mother Nature is such a easy target, but how can you blame us? If it's raining, people feel sleepy, if it's sunny, people feel cranky because they have to work on that day. Damn you weather!

Think they are cute? Wait till you see the daddy!
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