About the Comic:

Cat Basket comix had it's start as part of a Chibit I wrote in 2007, the first two posted on May 29th. They where drawn with Flash and became a hit with the people who first viewed them, particularly with my fiancé who is working across the country. The comic became a way of cheering him up from being far from home, so I made more Chibits that featured new comic strips to illustrate the rant in a colorful way, however some comics I drew did not have much of a purpose in any rant I could think of. The comics where becoming popular at my workplace and wanted to view my un-posted work, so I launched Cat Basket Comix not long after.

The character 'Chibi Neko' is the online alias of the Cat Basket Network owner, she first appeared on 'Chibi Neko's Gundam Wing Rest Pad' on 02/22/01 as a cat-eared, tailed, poncho loving cat-girl. As the years went, more websites where launched and Chibi Neko underwent make-overs and change of wardrobe. First was the poncho because it was easy and time efficient to draw, then the kimono, and now the pink sweater and blue skirt. The poncho had it's own festive colors for the holidays.

Howard and Yoko Hood in real life are rat plushies, their design are basied on their actual appearance. Howard's sarcastic personality is based on how I view shallow socity, but I amped it up in Howard to make him more entertaining. Yoko Hood is based off my first pet rat 'Yoko'. The plush even looks like her, but not the personality. Yoko Hood is the opposite of Howard, and has strange obsessions, such as a fear of sunlight tying to burn her on purpose.

Major Characters:

Chibi Neko: Work-widow, pet owner, and now damage control to Howard. She enjoys drawing, video games, music and anime. She often voices her pet-peeves as they happen and sometimes takes her frustrations out on Howard. She has too many dislikes to name, but the main ones are fads that are popular for the sake of being popular, skeets, heely-kids, 'emo-is-cool'-kids, reality shows, Harry Potter, cell phones, and stupid Hollywood celebrities in their 20's. She has a unusual hate-fear of swans.

Howard the anit-social rat: Howard is a rat plush whom is bitter, cynical, and does not hold back on speaking his mind. Howard descibes himself by saying "I am not anti-socal, I just hate people" which is a true statement, he hates everyone, including Chibi Neko, but he tolerates her because she 'fulfills the rat food-chain' which in his terms is 'Work -> Money -> Food'. He often agrees with Chibi Neko on her ranting topics.

Yoko Hood: Yoko is a rat plush whom is timid, sensitive, and all-round nice. She tries to be the voice of reason but often fails miserably. She thinks that sunlight is a death-ray that is out to get her, thus making her very nervous of the outdoors, but is willing to go out only if she has her umbrella and lucky mirror. Out of everyone in Neko's household, Yoko seems to have the most issues.

Minor Characters:

Daisy the Cursing Budgie: Chibi Neko's pet budgie, he loves to listen to music and watch TV, most notably the Trailer Park Boys. He mimics the show often resulting him in having a limited vocabulary, mainly profanity.

Cheetor: He is the result of Chibi Neko's random shopping spree on ebay, Cheetor is about 4 feet tall and was named after the transformer 'Cheetor' in Beast Wars, also in honor of the 2007 movie 'Transformers'. He prides himself for having talented flatulence.

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