What's the big deal with World of Warcraft?

Really though! What is so special about this game? Online RPG's are all the same, the only real difference is the appearance and quests. You get to customize your character, team up with other people to fight monsters and complete quests to get a item, and there is no big storyline that you follow.

This is why I like playing RPG's offline. You play the main character, and enjoy a storyline, that has unexpected twists and you don't have to worry about some ass getting pissed at you for not cooperating on a quest or who decides not to sell you any materials. You get to interact with other gamers.... BIG DEAL! I can do that with MSN messenger!

At first I didn't mind Online RPGs, I already knew they have far more in common then they are different, so I just didn't have any interest in them, but since World of Warcraft came out, it has been the biggest question in my life at this point. Just about everyone is hooked on it, there are friends that I fail to see the point of visiting anymore because they prefer to play the game rather then talk to me.

My question is simple... what is the freaking' deal with this game!? What makes this game so different from the other online RPG's? And don't give me crap like 'have you ever played the first Warcraft game?' because you all told me that the game was shit! If that was the case... what inspired you to play the online version? If all online RPG's have 80% things in common... what makes you want to play this one? Please enlighten me by posting your answer in the guestbook or email me because this is the one thing that mystifies me!

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