You know…. I really hate reality TV! the news can be depressing enough as it is, and all I can really say to fans of the genre is ‘live your own life instead of watching theirs’

But really, each generation of TV programming is taking its toll, from the variety shows in the 70-80’s to the sitcom of the 90’s and now the reality of the new millennium. The reality genre has gotten so popular that the networks have ran out of ideas when they come up with crap like ‘real Gilligan’s Island’ and ‘The simple life’… but they all had a few things in common.

Cheesy suspense music: When teammates complete against each other, or when someone knows a juicy secret, cheats on someone or even boots someone off the show, you always hear the cheesy suspense theme or drama shocker music, look…. We really don’t care about these situations as much as the show is putting us to be, besides… the music just makes the show look more like a soap opera mixed with ‘who wants to be a millionaire’… some reality that is, I guess the music was supposed to make the show more exiting… gee, I don’t hear cheesy suspense music when I am rushing to work or drama shocker music when I spill my milk over the floor!

Million Dollar give away: This just proves how greedy people are, especially when it comes to Fear Factor. I just cringe when some of the people are scared to do things that aren’t even scary at all! Like sitting in a bin with a bunch of domestic rats… hell I’d be the first one in!

Appearance: Is it just me? Or does most of the people in these shows… good looking? The producers must have said ‘To hell with the poor people, just pick the ones that look good on camera’. This is sad on so many levels, if you really need the money, you got no chance of getting it if you are ugly. The producers also have the nasty habit of picking financially stable people…. You know what? Screw them! If you really want a entreating show, pick a bunch or staving college students and watch them go nuts for the prize money! If that isn’t entertainment, then what is? At least the winner would be someone that deserves the money, and not some hot dentist.

There is one show that is my top pick as far as corrupted reality TV production is concerned, and that is…

This show began simple enough, its reminds me of Harry Potter, everyone is into it, they are both interesting, but I can’t see what the hype is about, there are far better books out there than Harry Potter, and the same is with Survivor. I just could not tolerate this show because of the many typical reality TV quirks I have just explained, but now this show has stooped to a new low!

My dear BF likes the show, and I watched a few minuets with him… I have found out that one of the competitors was an astronaut! That’s right… an astronaut! Why the hell would this guy apply if he already has an outstanding job? Screw that… why would the producers even put the guy on the show! He already has money! Why give him more!? This pissed me off even more then the dentist in my province buying a lottery ticket and winning the jackpot! You have a great job and a secure future; you don’t need a million dollars! If anyone deserves the chance to win the million, it would be the people like starving college students, or poor lower class citizens.

Attempting to give money to rich people is outrageous! Any person who supports this crap ought smack themselves silly because not only is the show survival of the idiots, it is also clear that some the blind fans out there don’t know any better.

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