What really gets to me!

Ah, another summer has come and gone... kids are going back to school, and of course I have got nothing better to do but reminisce about the past year or two, and I stopped and thought... damn! What has happened to the world of media! Now I know my rants are a little wierd, but here are a few things I just have to get off my back! As always these are my opinion and I don't expect you to change your view. This is just shits n' giggles.... but it's really how I feel about the following...

And who knows... you may actully agree with me with a few...

Mail-in rebates: Who actually mails these in? Especially electronics? If I want to buy a new hard drive I have to pay $200 up front, but hey no worries! There is a $100 off rebate! Just mail it in and from 6 weeks to a year you will get your $100 back! Big fucking deal! I can make that money by sitting on the side of the street with a tin can for a year! Would it not be easier if they gave you the $100 off right away? That would attract the customers that are too smart to fall for this rebate bullshit!

Cell phones: For anyone who has read my "I hate cell phones" rant in the Chibits section, I am sure you know of my hate for these. My philosophy with these things are 'cell phones belong in the back seat of a car'. Really! They're only good for if you are lost or your car breaks down! You know.... REAL emergencys! I am tired of people saying "I don't know what I would do without my cell phone" That's easy! YOU JUST DID BEFORE YOU HAD ONE!!! *sheesh*

VoIP: You know... I thought cell phones where on top of my 'most annoying' list... I stand corrected. For anyone who does not know what a VoIP is, it stands for 'Voice Over Internet Protocol' and what it does is connects your phone through your broadband connection and use it as your primary telephone service. Neat huh? NO ITS NOT!!!. This is the most useless piece of shit ever! If the power goes out or if the broadband is experiencing down time... guess what? No phone. Customers have the nerve to complain about this when all their problems can be solved by having a simple, easy-to-use, home phone. At least it stays on in the case of an emergency, and it does not require charging!

The Video Professor guy: I am getting sick of this guy! All he does is go on TV asking people to "try my product". The people who gave feedback on the commercial obviously didn't "try changing the channel". The guy also says in his commercial that he can't find a store that will give his CDs away for free. DUDE! They're call free samples and I am sure the Price club will be happy to take them! Either that, or just send them out into people's mail at random! AOL got real far with that!

Halo: About 60% of gamers who love this game are people who play fighting, racing, shooter, and other overly recycled sport game.... not alot of games that require alot of reading. I have asked a few of them "What's the big deal with this game?" They say it has a awesome storyline. Guess what.... I read the storyline, even played the game to a certain extent... the story is NOT impressive, at least not to me. I play RPGs with very complex storylines such as Star Ocean, Geno Suikoden and Final Fantasy. Which means that these 60% of gamers who love Halo are playing a game which story is more complex then what they're used to. RPG fans love it because it's a great shooter. I on the other-hand just place it in my 'not to buy' list.

Bratz Babies: It's bad enough that they made dolls of teenage sluts... but now they have to do it with babies!? These dolls are not wearing any more than their teenage counterparts. Any adult will tell you that baby girls should not be dressed like Brittany Spears.

Harry Potter: Everyone knows the name J.R Rowling, but how about Jill Murphy? About 25 years ago Jill Murphy wrote a series of books called 'The Worst Witch' Generally witches go to a school to learn witchcraft and wizardry and have a series of little adventures. It eventually became a tv series in 1986. The only real differences between Harry Potter and Worst Witch are Harry Potter has a long and more complex story that runs for 7 books. Worst Witch has smaller less complex adventures but are amusing nothingless. Iím not 'anti' Harry Potter, any book that gets kids to read is fine by me... I just hate the fact that J.R Rowling is getting rich from Jill Murphy's idea.

Nickelodeon: Proof that talent is no longer a requirement in animation. Cartoons like Sponge Bob really gotta make you think about the sainity of the big cartoon company. I have very little to say about Nickelodeon because they are worth very little in my eyes. When they learn now to draw and come up with plots that make sense... I MAY watch a show or two.

The Dukes Of Hazzard Movie: First of all... Daisy Duke was not a blonde... So why is Jessica Simpson playing her in this movie? You know I first saw the preview of this film when I went to watch Batman begins. My first thought was 'they are running out of ideas'. Dukes was just another way to make quick money. The acting is awful and the raunchiness is beyond belief! The tv show sucked enough as it did! Don't pull it down more with this shit! Besides, many viewers are not going to see this movie because its 'The Dukes of Hazzard', they only want to see Jessica Simpson, which would have been cheaper on Warner Bros if they just made a porno starring her. Why they wanted to sex up 'The Dukes of Hazzard' is beyond me, the tv show was more of the 12-year old boy kind of stuff.

Final Fantasy X-2: The game that should have never happened. FFX-2 was the solution to the backfire of Final Fantasy: The Spirits within. FFX-2 was cheap to make, and it rolled in a lot of cash. FFX was a great game with a ending that kept people thinking and spawned a lot of fanfiction. It did not need to be continued with a game with girls who are 30% covered, who change outfits in battle, and one of them has a cousin who hits on her. Not to mention the AWEFUL soundtrack. I have began playing the game and got fed up with it, so I settled by reading the story. The story is fine by far, but I would prefer that this game never came into being. It was only meant as a financial booster for square, and the quality shows.

Pepsi Commercials: Remember the days that Sega used to boost it's appearance by picking on Nintendo? And in the end Sega now makes games for Nintendo? I wonder if the same thing will happen to Pepsi? Pepsi is taking on the bully role and is picking on Coke in their commercials to boost their appearance. Oddly enough Pepsi knew that their flavors such as 'Crystal Pepsi', 'Pepsi Blue' and 'Cherry Pepsi' UTTERLY SUCKED! So they stole Cokes Vanilla and Lime flavors because they where ACTULLY good, and resumed their beating on the mild mannered soda company. I don't ever recall Coke mentioning another soda brand in their commercials, and Pepsi pulls off bull shit like 'more people prefer the taste of Pepsi to Coke', or 'There is a new vanilla in town' and who can beat the sexy Pepsi chicks offering the fat Coke guy a ride in the Pepsi truck? This is not going to change people who like Coke better than Pepsi, and I doubt people like the idea of stealing someone's famed cookie recipe and throwing it in their face... because that's what Pepsi IS doing.

Axe/Tag Body Sprays: By far the most annoying commercials on tv. Both claim that they will attract women to your side like some kind of trained bitch. Sorry people, but the only sent that's going to get my attraction is chocolate, and my only reason for tackling a guy is during my time of the month when I have nothing else to destroy.

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