Ahhh the mall...

I love going to the mall, to shop, to play at the arcade, and see movies! But recently there has been a new menice... and I don't mean skeets playing the same song over and over again on 'In the groove'.

These things are called 'Heelys', they are sneakers with a wheel on the heel.... wow! A new way to annoy people. Kids by the bus load want these things and most already have their hands on them, and all you see on sidewalks and the mall are teens zipping around as if they where on top of the world. I hate heelys... it's that simple! You see all of these kids zipping and doing twirls around you as if they where Barbie on ice.

But heelys are not what they are cracked up to be, I have been reading the news and different studies showing that a lot of kids are ending up at the hospital with injuries due to the heelys.

Kids are getting hurt by wearing these things, and trust me.... if they continue to do so, there will be more ending up at the hospital.

I am sure most of you know what I mean.

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