I hate them, it's that simple. Why? It's bad enough that when you are talking to your buddies, the phone rings, but now it will ring where ever they go! If the phone is not turned off, you could be on a date, at a gathering or a party and the bloody thing goes off! Unless you remember to turn it off of course, THEN the person calling will rant "why didn't you answer your phone! I was calling you all day!". When you carry around a cell phone, not only are you carrying a louder version of a beeping gigapet... but you are now a slave to everyone who is trying to reach you! They know now that you have a cell phone... they can bug you anytime they want! And then get pissed at you when you turn off the phone cuz you are annoyed enough as it is!

What else do I hate? Oh yeah! The call minuets! Unless you buy the right package, you have to pay for certain minuets on a certain time of the day. Now some people are good at picking packages so this is not a real big problem... but the stupid people who overlook this? DIFFERENT STORY!!! My hate for cell phone began at my job really... I work in a call center, talking to customers about their computer problems...

Story one: A customer calls wanting me to fix some drivers in their computer. I give him some instructions, but he tells me that he's not near his computer and is outdoors, I ask him if he can go indoors to it. He says no because he will loose the cell phone reception. I asked him if he has a home phone and he says no. I can't walk a dude step-by-step on a computer when's he OUTSIDE! The guy actully expected me to fix his computer problem whitout him being near his computer! Moral of this story? If you get a cell phone and plan to use it as your home phone, MAKE SURE THE PHONE FUCKING WORKS!!

Story two: This is better! A customer calls with no connection to the internet. There is a outage in the area effecting the cable lines, so I tell her that It may take a few hours for the connection to be repaired. She demanded that I credit her service for the minuets that she is using on her cell phone to call me! I asked her if she had a home phone and 'suprise suprise' she says she doesn't have one! Moral: Don't have the nerve to ask ANYONE for money for a cell phone plan that YOU bought!

Overall? Cell phones are only good for 2 things... if your car breaks down or if you are lost! Not for annoying the hell out of everybody. We have virtual pets for that!

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