Got your attention didn't I?

Catholic Priests and Sex, not something that you hear together that often huh? But these days we seem to be hearing it a lot, mostly with Priests sexually abusing alter boys. The Catholic Church decided on a settlement with the victims, but that doesn’t seemed to change a whole lot, the sexual abuses are still taking place, the latest one in my province of Newfoundland, one of the most shocking part about this case is the victim is female!

My husband is Catholic, so is that going to stop me about ranting on this topic? NO! I really can’t be kind about this! The thing is, I don’t really blame the Priests at all, if anything I think they are also victims in the whole mess too, the one I really blame is the blasted pope!

It’s no secret that Catholic Priests cannot marry, and I have always been baffled about this! I asked some Catholics and they say that Priests cannot marry because once they become a leader of a church and congregation, the man in essence is ‘married’ to the church. Let me get this straight here… instead of marrying a woman, he is marrying a building? Now I don’t mean literally, but you get what I am trying to say?

Here is my problem, the Pope is all for things natural, a prime example would be birth control. The Pope is against artificial forms of birth control like pills and condoms, he recommends the ‘rhythm method’, having sex during the time of the month that women are most infertile, this method is really unreliable by the way…so, how is a man being married to the church any more natural? Denying a man the right to marry a human woman and have children seems kinda unnatural to me.

Look Mr.Pope, people like sex, men and women, you cannot deny that! You don’t hear many stories of pastors of the United, Anglican, Pentecostal, and Salvation Army churches committing sexual abuse do you? Mainly because these pastors are allowed to marry and have kids! Natural my ass…. The Anglican church is like the little brother of the Catholic church! Anglican is basically Catholic that allows divorces, King Henry VIII founded the Anglican because the Catholic church does not allow divorces. It’s a good thing King Henry did it too, the guy had 6 wives!

So Pope, you want to solve this sexual abuse scandal? You want to stop this embarrassment? You want to save money from the court settlements? Then grow up and face reality! Let your priests marry! And while you are at it, allow same-sex marriage, after all the priests that went after the alter boys are going to prefer men right?

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