Yeah... it's been a while...

Yuel is over and a new year has begun... a new year for me to bitch and pick apart the things that get on my nerves. I am sure that this is going to be another year of bad movies, TV shows, music, video games, and of course I think we are due for another manufactured blonde to make her debut.

But wait! I talk about things I like too! There are bound to be good things to come out of this year, I just need to be patient, but in the mean time, I will talk about something has been around for a while, and that is digital channels!

Now there is one digital channel that I have my attention on, a channel that I loved to watch until I noticed a trend in it's programming. This channel supposedly airs everything about all animals, domestic and wild. However that is not the case.

Allow me to present...

Now don't get me wrong, I love this channel, but this is something I began to notice as I watched the shows for a few weeks. While there are nature shows that educate us about animals in the wild of many different species, there are pet-related shows primarily featuring domestic.

Here is a list:

Animal ER
Animal Cop
Planet's Funniest Animals
Animal Miracles
Animal Planet Heroes
Breed All About It
Emergency Vets
Pet Star
Celebrity Pet
Animal Precinct
And more...

That's a lot of shows huh...
And guess what? 90% of the animals featured on these shows are dogs. I know that it is obvious that I am a cat person, and I do not mean that cats should mostly be aired on these shows, but don't you think it would be fair to both cat and dog lovers that both animals had equal spot light in these shows? Dogs are not the only pets out there, any pet owner will tell you that!

Dogs arenít the only pets that can be funny, dogs arenít the only pets that celebrities own, dogs arenít the only animal that needs to be rescued from cruel owners, and cats can end up at the vet just as often as a dog can.

I know that there are other pets two, like birds, bunnies, reptiles, and rodents, but it seems that Animal Planet are trying to air pets that are the most popular among owners. I find that funny considering there are more cat owners than dog owners. So if popularity is a issue, wouldn't cats be featured more than dogs on these pet-related shows?

The bottom line here is that all pets are special, regardless what species they are. So Discovery, here is my proposal... if you like dogs so much, keep your current dog channel and make another one based on the other pets out there, if you don't like that, then even out the animals featured on your pet-related shows. Seeing that there are as many cats as there are dogs, I can't see this as being a hard thing to do.

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