January 23rd is election 2006!

Big fucking deal! There are people in this country who run to the polls as if the sky is falling! You also get people who complain about the annoying candidates knocking on your door like a salesman begging for your vote!

But who really is to blame? Everyone grumbled when they heard that politicians where going to be campaigning during the holidays, and not many of the candidates liked it either, but Steven Harper (The fucking turd!) cried 'I wanna vote! I wanna be Prime minister now!'. The guy couldn't wait for the holidays to be over! Well what's done is done, and after watching the debates on CBC, I thought I put in my two cents about each of the candidates.

Stephen Harper (The crybaby)

This guy wanted to be Prime Minister so bad that he forced a non-confidence vote in parliament to trigger an election, just in time for the holidays too! Harper says it was the right thing to do, but the other party leaders had the sense to say, 'this vote could have been done after the holidays', but did Harper listen? Nooooo.... he kicked and cried until he got what he wanted, so the House of Commons decided to let the baby have his bottle in order to shut him up.

After listing to his arguments during the debate, I have learned that Stephen Harper does not deserve a breath mint! Let alone a vote! He keeps blabbing shit about 'cutting the GST'. Not only does this guy have the behavior of a 9-year old that did not get his own way, but he doesn’t even know simple math! The GST in reality is not a big tax, and everyone knows that if that tax is gone, then the government will have to hike up the taxes on something else to accommodate for the money lost from the missing GST! His only real attack on Paul Martin is the sponsorship scandal, all I can say is....GET OVER IT HARPER! Seriously! The sponsorship scandal happened over 2 years ago! Sure it sucked, but we have all dealt with it! Maybe Harper should too!

The whole 'Stand up for Canada' slogan is utter bullshit as well! Stephen Harper acts so big because of his American friends, he supported the war in Iraq and the missile defense system, If Harper is elected, sons and daughters could die, because he will send troops to Iraq to impress his buddy Bush. Instead of Canada 'standing up' and marching to war, we should 'sit down' and talk, isn't that what Canada is known for anyway?

Harper is also scaring women and the gay community, becasue he is against same-sex marriage and abortion, and the people who are voting for him are conservative Christians! Note what the word conservative means...

Paul Martin (The hip guy)

A lot of people say that the Liberal party are crooks and spend all their money aimlessly... I fail to see a alot of truth behind that one...

If I remember correctly, most of the money went to health and child care, which is what Paul Martin promised in the last election... oh my god! A politician kept their promise? That's right Canada, it happens. What I am tired of is Stephen Harper bashing Paul Martin over the sponsorship scandal, this is over 2 years old! Paul Martin wasn't even the Prime Minister then, sure he was the finance minister, but how on earth are you supposed to take responsibility for individuals who decided to spend the money on themselves!?

Out of the debates and question periods I have seen, Paul Martin answered all questions well and straight forward, while Jack Layton did tend to talk about his goals before getting to the question, Paul Martin seems to have a lot of the same values as Jack Layton does, unfortunately not all of those values came into effect, Canada still has not made any improvements on reducing green house gases.

The great safety net that the Liberal party can provide us is social rights, such as same-sex marriage and a woman's right to choose, many same-sex couples are rushing to the alters before the election in fears that Stephen Harper is elected, and remove their unconstitutional right that heterosexual couples enjoy, Paul Martin recognizes that if your next door neighbor is married to someone of the same sex, it's not going to hurt them.

Peace is also a great factor in which Paul Martin supports, he is against the war in Iraq and is also against the U.S missile defense system, Canada is a country of peace-keepers, not solders!

Jack Layton (The underdog)

What began as a small political party grew over the years, gaining more seats with each election, bravo Mr. Layton, you can go and have your lolly now.

But time to be a little serious (seeing that Stephen Harper was such a joke), Jack Layton brings a fresh new look to the campaign, he doesn’t whine, talks about things that actually matter, and has the underdog spirit that makes people say... 'this guy just might cut it!'. Because of Jack Layton's 'let's get things done' attitude, people are beginning to realize that pointing fingers does not make a good leader, shutting up and doing your job does.

While I was watching the debate, I decided to stop throwing my popcorn every time Stephen Harper came on the screen and stopped to listen to Jack's views on the issues, they made sense! He wants to strengthen health and child care, and is the only party leader (besides the green party) that acknowledges that something must be done about the environment, sure the other party leaders agree that people are important, but we can't live if the air is to dirty to breath!

Jack was doing very well on the debate, but it was almost as he was reading from a script while he was talking to the camera, and kept saying 'vote for NDP' slogans urging people to vote for his party....gee... who does that remind me of?

The Video Professor guy! Holy shit! Not only do they promote themselves the same way, but you swear that they were related! Sure Jack over plays his part in front of the camera, but you can't blame the guy, he just wants you to vote for him, and why not? A lot people who vote Liberal, is because they are not interested in politics and the Liberal party is the most recognized, the people who vote Conservative are older and believe that you live in the old ways or else! Jack Layton and his NDP party are gaining trust from the people who really matter in the long run, and that is the younger generation, because we have both liberal and realistic thinking, we know that peace, respect and helping the environment is the way for Canada to go. The NDP has the beliefs of the Liberal party (which kicks ass) combined with a urgent need to help the environment (which kicks even more ass!), thus making a party that I think will get better and better, and just might lead the House of Commons someday.

Gilles Duceppe (The loon)

Quebecers get a extra option on their polls, but it doesn’t mean that its the best option. Gilles reminds me of Stephen Harper in the fact that is he doesn’t get what he wants, he will be a very cranky little boy. The issue of same-sex marriage has been solved, gays and lesbians can by now marry, but why would Harper want to revisit that issue when it has already been decided? It is the same story with Gilles, Quebec voted not once... but TWICE to stay with Canada, and Gilles wants to have another referendum on a issue that has already been resolved MULTIPLE times!

Gilles isn't what I call a true Canadian, he can't be! Anyone who wants to be elected just to separate from the country can't be a good choice! He can't be Canadian when he believes that Quebec is the only province that matters... geeze the entire country matters! Not just one province! We are strong together, not alone... Mr. Duceppe seems to have lost sight of that.

Canada does care for Quebec, just as it cares for all of the provinces and territories! Canada is a multi-cultural country, and that's what makes it a special country. Gilles... stop acting like the kid that quits the drama club because they did not get the lead part... because that is just the way you are behaving. Quebec is proud to be Canadian, stop trying to convince them otherwise.

Who to vote

Well, now that I have said my peace.... here is what I think...

Stephen Harper - It is just as well as you replace your Canadian flag with an American one if you vote for the crybaby. He supports American values, such as sending solders to Iraq, agree to the missile defense system, take away same-sex rights, favors corporations and tax cuts that don't even make sense. I guess I gotta give him points for mastering the art of brainwashing, why else would so many people support him and is outdated ideals.

Paul Martin - If you vote for the hip guy, you are supporting public health care, child care, great social rights, and reduction on student dept. Mistakes have been made and we have gotten over them. It is time to grow up and proceed ahead with a clean slate and do things right. Paul Martin has a ton of political experience and knows what he is doing, he also knows how to admit when things go wrong, very adult like. A vote for the Liberals is a vote that counts!

Jack Layton - If you where to vote for the underdog, you really want to see a positive change, something that adds to the true Canadian values that the Liberal party already has. Where Paul Martin failed with environmental issues, the NDP is sure to pick up from; quite frankly I don't see why Paul Martin and Jack Layton can't combine their parties. Jack is very confident and know to get results as he did in the past. He makes his plan sound easy! A vote for NDP is not a waist at all... actually it is going to be my choice at the poll.

Gilles Duceppe - If you are a Quebecer who decided to vote for the loon, then you really want out of Canada. Gilles seems the kind of guy who can't let go, Quebec voted twice to stay with Canada and he just can't seem to accept that... his attitude seems to match Stephen Harper's in terms of not getting his own way. Bottom line is Canada must work 'together', that is what makes a strong nation, not being alone.

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